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Hello and welcome, I’m Susanne Peimann, cat expert and dedicated cat fan

Why you and your cat are right with me!

People come with different problems to me. You are right with me if you are looking for no cat training but long-term solutions. If you really want to understand your cat, her nature and you are ready to do almost everything to solve the Problem, if you are looking for a cat coach, guiding you and stands aside with empathy, heart and cats experience.

My work has evolved over the years and is constantly changing. The depth of the problem is as always behind what the cat first shows us at the first sight. Very often I am in direct contact with the cats, but unlike the usual animal communication sessions. Very often after a consultancy I know that the problem is already solved– exciting. And now through my education as animal homeopath new facets and perspectives have been added.

My work begins where general solutions failed, where the way seems to be ended because everything has been tried but the cat was not understood in her essence and their individual problems and thus the problem still persists.

Last not least: Vita

Certified animal and cat psychologist and furthermore animal homeopath. I’m with cats since over 20 years and after my beloved cat Jordan left, Violet and me are living with cat Sissi, she joined us this year.

Cats psychology, cats behaviour, language and communication of cat – Solving Problems with Emotion and holistic knowledge.


2006-2010 Study Animal Psychology Dog, Cat, Horse: focus on cats animalmundi – Institute of Ethology and Animal Psychology
2011- today: Animal Homeopathy

Literature: „The cat’s spoken language with special attention to the aspect of their commmunication to humans“, 2010 thesis for obtaining the professional customer proof for Tierpsychologin in animal mundi – Institute of Ethology and Animal Psychology


    • Cats Psychology
    • Shelter cat care and nursing
    • Catsitting
    • Structured and flexible organization with a Vision
    • Systemic and holistic work on Solutions Animal homeopathy
    • Living with cats and the daily „madness in a cat household“


I’ll spare you further details on boring visited trainings, seminars and supervisions, because much more exciting for you are facts such as:

  • I speak your language and understand from experience almost any subject and any problems with cats
  • an empathetic companion my practice with many great cats and their own individual themes and behavioural problems
  • I’m skilled to look for comprehensive relationships and I’m therefore practiced to enable a helicopter view of situations and common solution ideas
  • For me, the cat is the focus, not the treatment method
  • The ability to work in and with flexible and unusual approaches
  • I find it very easy to adjust to different clients individually


The recognition of individual cats being, her preferences and needs is the top priority in my work. I’m not giving less than my best!

Contact me +49-421-16 69 49 13 or info@katzenwege.de