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Problems and misunderstandings with your cat?

• The beautiful harmony with your cats is gone? There is stress and aggression in your multi-cat household

                            • You love your cat, but do not understand him/her anymore? Why does the cat pee inhouse?

• All attempts? The litter box remains unused

                            • Your cat has become frightened?

• Help! The cat marks!

Learn to understand your cat and go for solutions

I’ll guide you, together we are following the cat paths

Unsure whether you need professional cat support? Typical cat behaviour problems - an expert is recommended, watch here



Respect and understanding

Happy partners

Working with your cat and me will give a different perspective on things. I invite you to change the perspective on your individual situation with the cat. This change of perspective enables thinking in completely new solutions. Things that didn’t come to mind before, because you are part of the system, join now clearly visible. I can assure you, however, much is just hidden. We will solve the problem!

Are you ready for the first step to a more beautiful life with your cat?

Consultation cat behaviour – procedure

You are facing a problem with our beloved cat? Contact me, make an appointment, consultation, troubleshooting, hope and motivation, your problem is solved.
Once you have decided to solve your problem, we make an appointment, we are working over the phone or via Skype. Our conversation takes abt. 120 to 180 minutes. Nice if you have questions or would appreciate additional suggestions for cat ownership.
Brief questions on general topics relating to cats take on average between 30 and 90 minutes. Through targeted questions in our conversation a picture of the nature of the cat, her preferences and what she makes her particular individually will help us to understand the inner motivation of your cat. Our conversation results in a common understanding of the cat.
So this is the most important part in our meeting, because it decides the further action for a successful approach. Cat psychology means very often as well the human behaviour part in the partnership. Therefore please be prepared for questions such as “how are you handling the situation?” or “in which way is cat’s behaviour touching you?” belong in a good and professional consultation and must be clarified, if necessary. Finally at the end of our first meeting there is a solution in any case. The proceeding will be of course decided in close matching with your demands. Typical example will be finding a place for an additional litter box. If you cannot accept a litter box in your bedroom than we have to think of an alternative location, which must be acceptable on other hand for the cat as well.

To me it is most important concern that you feel hope and confidence to the consultation.

*On a joyful cooperation, because solving problems can be fun, especially when cats attending.*

You feel motivated to solve even long lasting problems with your cat? I’ll be with you!

Contact me +49-421-16 69 49 13 or info@katzenwege.de

Pricing and Conditions

Consultation behaviour domestic cat, cat communication, cat training, animal psychology: cat spray, cat peeing inhouse, feline aggression, cat biting tail, cat excessive licking, cat pees on bed

All in 220,-€*, duration up to 150 min

In case of more than 150 min, an additional fee of 91,-€* / 60min. to be considered


  • First follow-up, which will be abt. 2-3 weeks later First progress and assessment of the success and tendency of our actions. It will assist you, giving confidence and motivation to continue working on solving the problem. A matter of course a good further care and advice!

Add. follow-up and brief consultation acc. duration, 91,-€*/ 60min., time in abt. 30-90 min.

*All prices are retail prices excluding value added tax (small entrepreneurs to Section 19 UStG)

You decide for a solution of the Problem cat behaviour? I’m looking forward to you!

Contact me +49-421-16 69 49 13 or info@katzenwege.de

  • Your cat is sick?

  • Your cat doesn’t handle an old shock-experience?

  • Cat excessive licking the belly? Your cat is biting her tail?

Animal homeopathy, I welcome you: the holstic therapy homeopathy for cats