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Homeopathic medicine for cats, Homeopathy cats, Holistic and alternative medicine

  • The conventional medicine does not help anymore, your cat is in the health crisis?

  • You want a holistic and homeopatic healing method, homeopathy for cats?

  • Or do you want an alternative medicine treatment for your feline friend? You are looking for homeopatic medicine for cats, a holistic treatment?

  • You have questions about homeopathy cats and would like to treat your cat with homeopathy?

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Classic Homeopathy, a holistic and alternative medicine treatment

The classic homeopathy for cats and a homeopatic treament supports the holistic healing process of your feline partner. In case classic homeopathy applied correctly, the holistic healing process of your cat succeeds in a very subtle and profound way.
My 18 years old cat Lady Violet is in homeopathic Treatment since years, also her sister was, and we are incredibly grateful that there is this possibility of holistic medicine for cats.
I am always amazed how successful the homepathy supports the holistic healing of pets, even in case of heavy diagnoses such as allergy and renal failure.

Naturopathy for cats can effect much and working with homeopatic medicine for cats is a holistic treatment and alternative medicine for healing your cat or your dog for example. I personally think that our animals need healing support to another level nowadays. We are open to the knowledge of animals, because our pet partners such as cats and dogs show very clearly how sensitive they are, how fine life energies work through them and how sensitive they react to the slightest external influences. Knowing this, we should comprehensively address. Homeopathy is this medicine on a different level and I’ll like to encourage you to see this path as a real holistic healing opportunity for your cat, dog or any other pet.
If you decide for a classic homeopatic treatment, the homeopathy will help and support the healing process of your pet. That is my firm conviction and experience!

Consultation homeopatic therapy for cats – procedure

A first consultation for a homeopatic therapy for your cat takes place at your home in a familiar environment of the cat. If you are living far away I use to work with videos and fotos of your cats. I’m very much trained and experienced in understanding your cat, because it’s my daily business as cat expert and cat behaviourist. I’ll understand the nature and the character of my cat client, understand her in all her individuality. This is the most important prerequisite for a good anamnesis, medical history, in homeopathy for cats and essential if we treat any being, either animal or human, with homeopathy.
The first consultation lasts an average of 2.5 hours, and I have a lot of questions regarding your cat friend. Finally, a total view of all information and notes as well as the evaluation result in the appropriate homeopatic medicine, the homeopatic remedy, for your cat. The time required for the anamnesis is the same in homeopathy for dogs, cats and rodents. Within about 3 days we’ll have email contact or a further phone call, in which I inform the details concerning the homepatic remedy and review the next steps with you. The date of the follow-up talk and how the homeopathic treatment continues, depends on many factors such as reaction of the cat, duration of action of the homeopatic remedy and the healing process a whole.

A good and accurate first anamnesis is the most important part of a homeopathic treatment for cats. We’ll take us together sufficient time for your cat partner!

A recent case for homeopathy in cats can be found here (in German language)

You feel motivated to go for a holistic and alternative healing method with your cat? Contact me +49-421-16 69 49 13 or info@katzenwege.de

Pricing and Conditions

Prices for a homeopatic Treatment for your cat, dog or any other pet:

The cost of a homeopathic treatment in animals are based on the current fee schedules classical animal homeopaths:

  • First consultation, anamnesis
    Fixed price lump sum 189,- €*, duration 150 min.
    Saturday after 18.00 clock, on Sundays and holidays, a lumpsum 220,- €*, duration 150 min.
  • First consultation, acute case
    an hourly rate, duration 30-60 min, hourly rate 91,*/60 min
    Saturday after 18.00 clock, on Sundays and holidays, duration 30-60 min, 110,-€* / 60 min.
  • Follow-up consultation phone or Skype
    an hourly rate, 91,- €*/ 60 min.
    Saturday after 18.00 clock, on Sundays and holidays, duration 30-60 min, 110,- €* / 60 min.

Brief counseling general questions cat behaviour

an hourly rate, 91,- € * / 60 min Duration 30-90 min.

For questions about cat psychology, cat communication, cat psychology, behaviour cats: Cat Paths – cat expert and behaviourist Susanne Peimann 

*All prices are retail prices excluding value added tax (small entrepreneurs to Section 19 UStG)

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